Natalie Lynch

Lead Investigator

Natalie has expert training from working with a group of forensic psychologists who were industry royalty. Today, she leads her own team of investigative professionals with her Lynch Service Company. She has extensive training in interviewing techniques and each investigation she has completed has high standards of quality and litigation avoidance. 

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Litigation Avoidance

Workplace investigations are ideal for evaluating the veracity of workplace concerns. We work closely with managers or counsel to resolve or evaluate claims made about an organization.

Protecting Your Business

Courts expect high quality investigations but, even before courts are involved, investigations reveal the root causes of workplace concerns. Our investigations prepare employers to deal with immediate concerns and avoid future issues.

Dispute Resolution

We work closely with in-house or litigation counsel to protect the privilege, evaluate each matter, and support conflict resolution in a robust but discrete manner.

Get to the Bottom of the Issue

Information discovery can come with costs. We have several methods of collecting data and help clients evaluate the most cost-effective manner of discovering the truth.

After a decade of investigative experience, I help clients determine which matters are required to be professionally investigated and which are best handled internally.

- Natalie Lynch

Lynch Service Company consults with each of our clients to define a narrow investigative scope that addresses their legal obligations, uncovers undying issues, reports organizational risks, and mitigates future concerns. Our clients report that our services provide the insight and confidence needed to make decisions for the future of their organization.

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Our Aim is to Resolve with Litigation Avoidance

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The Lynch Service Company provides expert third party investigations with a formal and scalable process.

We have a process that has been perfected over the years to achieve high-quality service to the employer and get through it as soon as necessary to conclude an investigation. Having a third party come into the workplace and conduct these investigations is a smart decision as an employer because it brings neutrality to the problem and a better environment to dig deep into a situation without being emotionally involved. 

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Client Referrals

Is your client or someone you know facing a workplace disruption?

Reach out to the Lynch Service Company to for guidance regarding your obligation to investigate.

We pride ourselves on the fact that much of our business is earned on a referral and repeat basis. When we conduct an in-depth analysis of a client's company dynamics, we acquire an intimate view of our client's challenges. As a result, clients realize an incredible return on investment and broad range of organizational insights. Through the decade of experience gained in our professional network, we are prepared to attend to all manners of workplace investigations.

A process that has been perfected over decades without distraction to your business.

Addressing issues that are difficult to talk about. Every workplace investigation requests that employees engage in a frank and honest conversation that may be uncomfortable for some individuals. We help employees understand the importance of honesty with their employer and create an environment where they can disclose matters that may be uncomfortable because of workplace dynamics or the subject matter.

Every team member has the experience and training to work with client employees to uncover the necessary details.  Our team has worked through the sensitive matters of interpersonal dynamics, human sexuality, and negative previous experiences.

Our process insists that dignity be afforded every individual involved.  That same process also mitigates the disruption of having a third-party investigate members of your team.  This enables us to focus on the organization’s functional needs and a high return for your investigative investment.