Federal Contractor Faced Accusations of Financial Misdealing By Rogue Employee

Large international construction contractor accused of breaching terms of federal contract. Relevant employees no longer employed by firm and several stakeholders disinclined to participate in investigation. LSC was able to interact with former accused employee and other non-employed stakeholders to collect critical information and complete complicated investigation. Helped client contractor evaluate litigation risk and evaluate internal procedures.

Job Site Misdeeds

Internationally owned and managed blue-collar company working under a government contract is accused of job site misdeeds. Conducted investigation that included former employees and prime contractor interviews. Client was able to preserve reputation in industry while learning about the actions of its employees and adherence to rules and commitments.

Alleged Government Employee Race Discrimination

A government employee with over 30 years of tenure alleged that employment decisions were discriminatory based on race.  Investigative efforts revealed history of disrespectful statements, manipulation of previous managers, and poor performance that were not previously documented.  Employee began retaliatory behavior during the investigation and steps were taken to preserve integrity of investigation and participants. Agency was able to fairly evaluate all claims about and by the tenured employee so that they could make defensible and appropriate workplace decisions.

Alleged Unfair Treatment

Litigious law enforcement officer alleged unfair treatment regarding appearance policy and promotional practices.  Conducted investigation into differential regard for appearance and fairness of promotional process. Employer was able to make decisions with regards to the complaining employee and improve policies so that they are more evenly applied.