When employees use deceit for personal gain, they are committing fraud according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. While some fraud may also be criminal, it is typically disadvantageous to rely on law enforcement to resolve workplace fraud. Law enforcement is disruptive and often only concerned with crimes of extreme magnitude. Even when law enforcement becomes involved, their bureaucratic process is too slow and poorly suited to protect a company’s interests. It is more realistic, practical, and cost effective to hire a sophisticated fraud investigator to determine the scope and seriousness of the fraud threat.

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The Lynch Service Company can help to determine the scope and magnitude of investigation that is appropriate to examine fraud threats. Once a threat is identified, LSC quickly coordinates relevant fraud examiners to assist in quantifying the magnitude of the fraud and the individuals involved in the fraud. After the immediate fraud is explored and revealed, LSC will work with the employer to resolve future threats of fraud in a way that is cost-effective and respectful of the company’s other procedures and interests.

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If you have received information or whistleblower reports of fraud occurring in your workplace, reach out to the Lynch Service Company to explore the most appropriate response to those risks. Contact the Lynch Service Company today.