There is a precious juxtaposition between what an employer does to guard against policy violations and what an employer does to guard against illegal behavior when a behavior is not one in the same. Managers often fail to value the company’s higher intuition in enacting a policy in the first place and do not properly investigate the allegations that policy violations have occurred. Internal policies are implemented to encourage profit, reduce turnover, or maintain compliance with various laws or programs. When employees report policy violations, employers should evaluate those allegations with the same scrutiny as an allegation of discrimination or harassment because they could be just as costly to the employer.

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An investigation into a policy violation will be determined based on the policy itself and the reported violation of the policy. For example, if a company has a policy protecting all employees with blue cars, a policy investigation may look very much like a discrimination investigation. It will compare the treatment of a particular employee with a blue car to other employees owning blue and other colored cars. If on the other hand, an employer has a policy that requires a certain series of steps be enacted, the investigation may look into which steps were manipulated, why those steps were manipulated, and what the consequences of that manipulation are. The Lynch Service Company’s investigators and the investigative process is nimble enough to accommodate concerns regarding any industry’s policy violations and the experience to quickly comprehend the dynamics of any policy on is subject employees. This experience allows LSC to quickly approach any complaint of a policy violation in a sophisticated and insightful manner that returns real results to our clients.

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